Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry in Decatur, GA

Whether it’s a broken tooth from an unexpected accident or a sudden spike of pain from a toothache you never saw coming, there are times where you may need emergency dentistry near you. Roberts Family Dental is the number one choice for emergency dentistry in Decatur, GA because we combine the best patient care practices with the latest technology to ensure that you receive exceptional emergency dentistry as comfortably and painlessly as possible.

What is Emergency Dentistry?

Emergency dentistry is performed by general and specialty dentists, especially those with flexible schedules that allow for same-day appointments and walk-ins. If you have a tooth that’s been chipped, lost a filling, or have a crippling toothache, you can’t afford to wait days or weeks for an appointment.

Not only is the wait uncomfortable, but it can also lead to the damage becoming worse and needing more invasive treatment as a result. When you have a dental emergency, you need to have trustworthy dentists in Decatur, GA who can treat you quickly and effectively. Roberts Family Dental is ready to help.

What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

There are many different factors that can make up a dental emergency. Here are a few:

  • Pain in your teeth, mouth, or jaw: If you are experiencing oral pain, it’s already an emergency. Usually, by the time you experience pain, it’s an indication that you need emergency dental care.
  • Injuries to your inner cheek, lips, or tongue: Have you bitten your tongue or another part of your mouth and experienced an injury? If the bleeding doesn’t stop, you need emergency dental care.
  • A broken tooth or knocked out tooth: A broken tooth is a dental emergency. Save any pieces of the broken or lost tooth that you can find, and contact emergency dentists near you at Roberts Family Dental immediately.

Choosing the Right Emergency Dentist

Of course, the best option is if you already have an established relationship with a regular dentist who also practices emergency dentistry. On the other hand, by their very nature, emergencies are unexpected.

That’s why it’s important to choose a dentist like Roberts Family Dental, with a solid reputation of good customer care and exceptional emergency dentistry options.

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