Dental Sealants in Decatur, GA

Did you know that there’s a simple and pain-free dental procedure that our dentists near you can perform on your child’s teeth to give you peace of mind that their smile is being protected? Even if you buy the highest-quality fluoride products for your children’s use as cavity-fighters at home, it’s cumbersome for their little fingers to access hard-to-reach back teeth. That’s where dental sealants from our dentists near you come in! The procedure works as an added insurance that your child’s teeth will have every opportunity to mature into a cavity-free adult smile.

Happy and Healthy Smiles

Our goal at Roberts Family Dental is to provide every patient with a happy and healthy smile, whether they are just learning to brush and floss or have been brushing for years. Dental sealants near you are a great way to provide added protection against disease and tooth decay for up to 10 years after application. That’s why many parents refer to it as the “one and done” procedure for peace of mind that they’ve done everything possible to prevent costly future dental work such as dental extractions from decay or dental implants for tooth replacement.

The dental sealant procedure is pain-free, too. Our dentists in Decatur, GA will simply apply the liquid protectant to your child’s teeth with a brush during a procedure that takes less than 30 minutes from start to end. Many parents ask that the treatment be performed in tandem with their child’s dental exam or teeth cleaning appointment, so it seamlessly becomes a part of their visit to Roberts Family Dental.

Your child will be able to resume normal activities immediately afterward, and you’ll know that you’ve provided them with the added protection that their smile will remain healthy for years to come. You’ll know that you’ve taken the precautionary steps against decay that could potentially impair the investment of time and money you’re making into your child’s oral health.

Learn More Today

Dental sealants in Decatur, GA from the team at Roberts Family Dental can be provided as either a stand-alone treatment or a part of your child’s next appointment for an exam and cleaning. Please use our convenient online booking tool to schedule a time that works best for you.

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