Dental Implants in Decatur, GA

Even if you’re familiar with dental implants near you, you may not know about the many benefits they offer in tooth restoration besides being one of the top-rated choices for natural-looking tooth replacement. Our dentists in Decatur, GA have helped countless patients regain health, vitality, and confidence in their smiles with dental implants from Roberts Family Dental, and we can do the same for you.

Benefits Beyond Their Appearance

As mentioned, dental implants near you are considered the top choice for realistic and natural-looking tooth replacement. They also have these added benefits since they are permanently attached to the jaw:

  • They increase bone stimulation and prevent future bone loss.
  • They restore the full bite force that patients had before losing the tooth.
  • They prevent changes in the shape of a patient’s face.
  • They are permanently attached, so there is no chance of them slipping out of place.
  • They support teeth that are next to them to prevent those teeth from shifting from position.
  • They are a permanent solution and can last a lifetime with adequate care.

The takeaway here is that dental implants from our dentists near you offer more long-term benefits than any other tooth-replacement choice. And although the procedure can take multiple months to complete, the dentists at Roberts Family Dental will design a treatment plan that works best for your timeline, budget, and short-term and long-term goals.

Improve Your Outlook

Having a missing tooth can do more than damage your self-confidence. As mentioned, it can also affect the shape and appearance of your face over time. Our dentists know that losing a tooth is not only physically painful, but its absence can also be psychologically distressing. Instead of worrying that you’ll wake up one morning and notice that your face has hollowed out because you didn’t replace your tooth, you can experience peace of mind with an implant procedure from our dentists in Decatur, GA.

If you’re concerned that a dental implant will cause more discomfort than other treatments, our dental care team wants to reassure you that we provide sedation dentistry in conjunction with most dental procedures.

We invite you to receive your dental implant consultation from our friendly, caring, and experienced dentists near you today. Please call us or use our convenient online appointment tool to get started.

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