Exams & Cleanings

Dental Exams & Cleanings in Decatur, GA

Dental exams & cleanings are important because your oral health plays a surprisingly large role in your overall well-being. Routine oral health care maintenance at home is, of course, very important—but you also need to schedule regular appointments with dentists in Decatur, GA to maximize your oral health. According to the American Dental Association, visiting your dentist twice a year can help you do that.

What Do Exams & Cleanings Help With?

Having a dentist for exams & cleanings in Decatur, GA is critical for your oral health. Here’s why.

Exams and cleanings can:

  • Help prevent tooth decay, cavities, and the need for root canals
  • Help minimize or entirely prevent gum disease
  • Keep your teeth white and healthy-looking
  • Reduce your time at the dentist overall
  • Help you keep your teeth in peak condition for the rest of your life
  • Save your money by reducing the need for extensive dental procedures

What to Expect from Exams & Cleanings by Roberts Family Dental

Your dentist from Roberts Family Dental will thoroughly examine you to determine whether there are any health risks you’re facing. They’ll look at your teeth and your gums and assess the potential for gum disease and tooth decay, among other issues. They’ll also likely suggest dental x-rays to check for additional problems.

Cleanings will allow your dentist to examine the surface of your teeth and use a variety of different technologies to remove tartar and plaque. Your hygienist will also clean between your teeth, and finally, will give you a fluoride wash to promote stronger teeth.

Dentists near you that perform exams & cleanings should prioritize making the experience as comfortable and anxiety-free as possible. While cleaning ideally shouldn’t cause any pain or discomfort, it’s important to let your dentist know if that’s something you worry about.

Finding Exams & Cleanings Near You

You need a dentist that you know you can trust, not only to perform exams and cleanings well but who will also make sure that you are comfortable during and after your appointment. Roberts Family Dental is a perfect choice. Call us today to set up an exam and/or cleaning appointment.

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