Dental Crowns in Decatur, GA

If you’ve never had a dental crown procedure before, you may have a few questions about what the treatment entails and who can benefit from it. Our dentists near you at Roberts Family Dental understand that it helps you understand the procedure’s importance in optimum oral health, so please feel free to call us with your questions if you don’t see them answered below.

Common Reasons for a Dental Crown Near You

Keeping in mind that every patient has a unique need in their dentistry, the following bullet points are a few of the most common reasons that patients require a dental crown from our dentists at Roberts Family Dental:

  • They are used to reinforce and strengthen a tooth that has weakened from decay and will experience additional degradation without the treatment.
  • They are used to support a tooth that has become worn down from bruxism (also known as tooth grinding) or sustained an impact injury.
  • They are used to secure a dental bridge that’s being used as a tooth replacement option such as a dental implant.
  • They are used to visually correct the aesthetic appearance of a tooth that has not responded to other forms of cosmetic dentistry.

As the above list indicates, a dental crown near you from our team of dentists in Decatur, GA is a treatment protocol that can be used in various areas ranging from reconstructive dentistry to cosmetic dentistry.

Also Known as a Cap

You may have heard about a procedure called a “cap” and wondered what it was. Dental crowns are sometimes referred to as dental “caps” since they cap the tooth to restore its size, shape, and functionality.

Whichever terminology you prefer, our dentists can perform the procedure in two pain-free appointments. If you experience dental anxiety, make sure to ask our dental care team about sedation dentistry as a part of your treatment plan for a dental crown procedure from Roberts Family Dental.

Most patients can resume their normal activities immediately after their dental crown procedure; however, those who request sedation may need to make arrangements for a ride home. Our dental care team will let you know your pre- and post-procedure care when you receive your treatment plan.

We Are Here for You!

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