Dental Bridges in Decatur, GA

Do you have one or more missing teeth that are not only impacting your self-confidence but also causing your remaining teeth to shift out of place and become uncomfortable? Have you thought about dental implants as an option for tooth replacement but wish it didn’t have to take multiple months to complete? If so, the team at Roberts Family Dental has some excellent news for you! A dental bridge from our dentists near you can be completed in as few as two appointments. Not only that, but the procedure is also considered less painful and less invasive than an alternative implant procedure.

When Durability Matters

Some patients believe that there is nothing as durable as a dental implant for a missing tooth. While it’s true that dental implants are the most durable of all tooth replacement options, a dental bridge from our dentists near you at Roberts Family Dental can last more than 15 years. Some patients have enjoyed their dental bridge for upwards of 25 years when they’ve practiced good oral hygiene care through regular exams and cleanings.

Choose What’s Right for You

When you choose a dental bridge from our dentists in Decatur, GA, our dental care team will design a customized treatment plan for you so you can see first-hand how quickly you can begin enjoying your new and improved smile. And, if you’d like side-by-side comparisons of all tooth replacement options, including dentures, we’ll be happy to customize that for you as well.

Replace What’s Missing from Your Smile

Instead of continuing to wonder whether a dental bridge near you is the best treatment, or if a dental implant or dentures would be better, why not contact the team at Roberts Family Dental to learn more about our broad suite of restorative dentistry procedures? We can customize a plan that can be completed in as few as two appointments or spread your treatments over a more extended period. The takeaway is that you’ll receive answers to all of your questions to make the best choice for your smile, timeline, and budget.

Get Started Today

We invite you to get started now by using our convenient online booking tool to schedule an appointment for dental bridges in Decatur, GA as well as other restorative dentistry from Roberts Family Dental.

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