What Young Adults Need to Know about Dental Implants

What Young Adults Need to Know about Dental Implants

February 1, 2023

Tooth loss is not a problem exclusively reserved for the elderly. Young adults can also lose teeth for various reasons. Regardless of the causes, lost teeth need replacements with a stable solution remaining in the mouth for an extended period. Presently the sole option available for replacing missing teeth is a dental implant embedded deep into the jawbone and affixed with a dental crown custom created from porcelain to function as a natural tooth.

Young adults can also lose teeth due to various reasons. Therefore, while they might desire dental implants and consult with a dentist nearby, they might receive information about the challenges they might encounter when getting replacement teeth with the help of dental implants. However, young adults visiting dental implants in Decatur receive information entirely in contrast to the above because the consultation with the dentist focuses on highlighting the issues to young adults.

During the consultation with the Decatur dentist for dental implants near you, the professional examines the patient’s mouth and jaw to assess whether jaw growth is complete and assesses the young adult’s general health before confirming their candidacy for dental implants.

Reasons Why a Young Adult May Lose a Permanent Tooth

  • Accidental Impacts & Sports Injuries: Accidental impacts and sports injuries are prominent in young adults losing teeth from impacts on their mouths. Young adults tend to indulge in sporting activities without safeguarding their mouths using mouthguards that help prevent knocked-out permanent teeth to need replacements with dental prosthetics. Getting involved in accidents is another problem prominent with young adults when cycling or becoming involved in motor vehicle accidents. Regardless of the reasons getting replacements for the missing tooth becomes essential to prevent the long-term consequences of tooth loss.
  • Improper Dental Care & Oral Health Problems: Improper dental hygiene practices and oral health problems like advanced gum disease and untreated cavities resulting in dental pulp infections is another problem that haunts young adults because it results in tooth loss from lack of support from the jawbone or extractions because the tooth becomes ineligible for treatment with root canals to preserve it. Loss of a tooth makes it inevitable for a young adult to seek replacements for the missing tooth as soon as possible.
  • Other Medical Conditions & Health Issues: Young adults affected by diabetes or other health conditions from lifestyle habits like smoking can also lose teeth when receiving treatments like radiation and chemotherapy, besides becoming victims of advanced gum disease that hampers their healing ability. Therefore getting missing tooth replacements becomes essential for young adults that are ever conscious about their appearance.

Negative Health Issues of Lost & Missing Teeth

Missing or lost teeth don’t just impact the smile and the appearance of the individual. In addition, the adverse health effects make young adults victims of orthodontic problems because their remaining teeth start drifting towards the empty voids in their mouth to create misalignment with their teeth.

The edentulous gap becomes a breeding ground for food particles to remain trapped and mouth bacteria to create infections in the mouth to aggravate their condition. Most importantly, tooth loss causes jawbone resorption making young adults appear older than they are merely because they don’t have a tooth or two in their jaw. They also become victims of indigestion because they cannot bite and chew foods and swallow large chunks because of the missing teeth. Therefore they must search for a replacement solution that remains in their mouth for a lifetime after replacing the missing tooth or teeth with available dental prosthetics.

What Options Are Available to Replace a Lost Tooth?

Replacing a missing tooth is no longer a challenge, unlike earlier when the options were limited to dentures and dental bridges. The early options are still available and popular among many people that might not qualify for the treatment from the dentist in Decatur. However, young adults eligible for the treatment can undoubtedly consider dental implants because it is an excellent solution for replacing missing teeth with an option that can last for half a century or more with proper dental hygiene.

Considerations before Young Adults Seeking Dental Implants for Missing Teeth

Dental implant cost is the primary concern before young adults seeking a semi-permanent replacement solution for missing teeth. Dental implants are not the most affordable replacement solution, although they are excellent at making young adults think they have never lost a tooth.

While the cost of dental implant is undoubtedly higher than other replacement solutions like dentures or bridges, a discussion with Dr. Quinton Alexander Cobb DMD, will help young adults replace their missing teeth to maintain excellent oral health and a functional bite with beautiful smiles with assistance to manage the financial issues for dental implant placement to replace their missing teeth.

Roberts Family Dental — Decatur provides dental implants to many young adults advising them on their needs and responsibilities when getting missing teeth replacements. If you have missing teeth as a young adult, consult this practice to restore mouth functionality with dental implants.

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