The Top 10 Benefits of Dental Implants

The Top 10 Benefits of Dental Implants

May 1, 2022

When considering replacing missing or damaged teeth, dentists offer you many options without ignoring the gold standard to achieve your goal using dental implants. Unlike other replacement options like dentures or bridges that don’t provide many benefits, dental implants, in stark contrast, heap a host of benefits on you when you consider having them from the dentist’s office in Decatur. This article focuses on the top 10 benefits of innovative dental implants that will surprise you to no end. Here is how you benefit if you choose to have dental implants as tooth replacement solutions.

Prevents Bone Loss

Jawbone loss is inevitable when you lose your natural teeth. Your jawbone requires stimulation from your teeth to maintain its mass. Implants are the sole replacement option that can replicate jawbone stimulation to help prevent bone loss.

Matches Your Natural Teeth

Dental implants are available in various sizes and shapes. The dentist in Decatur works with you when designing the implants to match your surrounding teeth and fit perfectly in the edentulous Gap. As a result, you and the dentist remain the only individuals with information about your natural and fake teeth.

Restores Bite Force

Dental implants are anchored into your jawbone using a titanium post to replace your missing tooth root, enabling you to bite with similar forces you had with your natural teeth. Alternative tooth replacement solutions do not restore 50 percent of the bite force because they are placed over your gums without anchoring like dental implants.

Prevents Changes to the Shape of Your Face

Your facial structure receives support from your teeth. Unfortunately, when you lose your natural teeth, a natural consequence of tooth loss is the loss of support your facial structure receives. The consequence causes your face to change shape, making you appear older. Implants provide the support required by your office, like your natural teeth, to prevent it from changing shape.

Enables Natural Speech

Alternative tooth replacement solutions like dentures impact your ability to pronounce words or make you slur when speaking. Loss of teeth can also alter your speech. Dental implants function and feel like natural teeth and permit you to talk naturally and conveniently.

Won’t Get Cavities

The artificial teeth in your mouth aren’t likely to attract tooth decay. Nevertheless, they require proper attention to prevent bacterial plaque from building up around them to prevent infections like gum disease. In addition, the materials helping make dental implants don’t decay, ensuring you never have to worry about cavities in your implanted teeth.

Easy to Care for

Dental implants do not require significant investment in cleaning products when caring for them. You don’t need cleansing tablets or adhesives and special flossers. So long as you have your toothbrush and dental floss, you can continue maintaining your dental implants similar to your natural teeth.

No Embarrassing Slippage

Have you noticed people with dentures confronting challenges when speaking and self-consciousness when eating or laughing in public? Dentures are prone to slipping and shifting inside your mouth. Fortunately, dental implants are firmly anchored into your jawbone and are unlikely to slip or move when speaking, eating, or laughing.

Supports Adjacent Teeth

When you receive dental implants from Dr. Marc Howard Roberts, you prevent your remaining teeth from shifting towards the edentulous gap in your mouth to confront misalignments. Dental implants close the gap helping you maintain a straight and even smile.

A Permanent Solution to Tooth Loss

Alternative tooth replacement solutions like dentures need replacements every five to seven years and dental bridges after a decade. However, when you get dental implants in Decatur, the replacements will remain in your mouth for a lifetime with proper dental care. You don’t need to rush to the dental office complaining of breakages of your crowns when cleaning or loss of teeth because you forgot to replace them in your mouth after cleaning the appliance if you have dentures.

Dental bridges remain fixed in your mouth but are prone to attracting bacterial buildup under your fake teeth, making you susceptible to gum disease and needing replacements if your supporting teeth are compromised. As dental implants are standalone applications, they become an excellent replacement solution for missing teeth.

If you wish to determine whether you are eligible for dental implants, kindly schedule an appointment with Roberts Family Dental — Decatur and get the dental implants from them without wasting time.

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