How Do You Know If You Need A Root Canal?

How Do You Know If You Need A Root Canal?

October 1, 2022

Have you been experiencing problems with your tooth and wondering if you need a root canal? Your dental professional recommends a root canal for an extremely damaged or decayed tooth beyond filling. It helps remove the decay in the root and pulp of your teeth.

Teeth consist of enamel, an outer layer followed by dentin, and a softcore layer inside, extending to the jawbone roots. The softcore has a pulp with connective tissues, nerves, and blood vessels.

The core gets infected when decay attacks it damaging your tooth. At Roberts Family Dental in Decatur, our dentist will perform a root canal treatment to clean your cavity. A root canal requires one or two therapy for the procedure to be complete. In this article, learn more about what to expect when getting a root canal treatment and after the treatment.

What is a Root canal?

This dental procedure involves your dentist cleaning the inner chamber of your tooth’s root. The process relieves pain caused by a damaged or decayed tooth. It also helps preserve the infected tooth. After the procedure, your gums and nerves can irritate, but the pain should last a few days. If the pain persists, visit Dr. Quinton Alexander Cobb to clean your canals further. The cleaning prevents further decay.

Signs you May Need a Root Canal

Some of the symptoms include:

Your Teeth Are Sensitive to Hot or Cold Foods

Your teeth might hurt when you take a hot cup of coffee or when you eat warm food. When your tooth is sensitive while eating or touching it that can indicate nerve damage or severe tooth decay. If the sensitivity doesn’t go away after you stop touching the tooth or eating, you may need a root canal treatment from an endodontic near you.

Your Gums Are Dark, Swollen, or Tender

Having swollen gums near the aching tooth can signify a problem that requires a root canal. The acidic waste of dead pulp tissues in your mouth causes swelling on the root tip area. The swelling becomes tender when touched, and it may come and go. Also, if your gums are dark or tender, root canal treatment helps to restore their health.

You Have a Cracked Tooth

A cracked tooth is a two-fold sign that may require a root canal. For one, if the tooth cracked due to trauma that later caused an infection and inflammation to the pulp. Secondly, your tooth may be infected or decayed, and the crack result from it being dead. Regardless of the two ways, you’ll likely need a root canal to try and save the remaining part of your tooth.

How Is Root Canal Treatment Performed?

You will require two office visits which will include the following steps:

First, your dentist near you will administer local anesthesia to numb the tooth and the surrounding gums. After that, your dentist will place a dental dam on your tooth to keep it clean and dry during the procedure.

Your dentist will use small dental tools to access the inside of your tooth. Next, they’ll clear away the infected pulp from the inside of your tooth using small files. The same files will also be used to shape the root and rinse the inside chamber to prevent more pulp infection.

Once the dentist is done cleaning and drying the chamber, they’ll fill it with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. Then a temporary filling will be placed on your tooth to close the opening while waiting for the permanent crown.

After a few weeks, you’ll go for your second appointment, where your root canal specialist near you will complete the procedure. Then, they’ll place a permanent crown on your tooth and remove the temporary one.

After the Procedure

After getting your root canal with our emergency dentist in Decatur, GA, ensure you maintain a good oral care routine. This is by brushing twice daily, flossing daily, and visiting your dentist regularly for dental exams and cleanings. You might also decide to schedule additional visits to your dentist to ensure that there are no more infections on the treated tooth. With excellent care, your root canal can stay healthy for a lifetime.

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