All That You Need to Know About Dental Fillings

All That You Need to Know About Dental Fillings

January 1, 2023

Failure to properly brush and floss your teeth well can lead to plaque buildup. Moreover, when you don’t go for regular dental checkups at the best dentist near you, the plaque can lead to dental cavities and tooth decay. The good news is that the dentist in Decatur can fill the holes by applying dental fillings.

This piece will assist you in knowing more about dental fillings, their types, and the procedure of dental fillings application. Keep reading to find out more.

What Is a Dental Filling?

As discussed earlier, plaque buildup can lead to dental cavities. The disadvantage of dental cavities is that they can lead to lots of pain and tooth abscesses, and you can also have complications when chewing food. Therefore, when you visit the dentist’s office near you, they recommend a tooth filling to fill the holes.

The dentist who fixes tooth filling near you can also recommend a filling if you have a worn-out tooth. Teeth grinding is one of the reasons that can wear out your teeth. Also, if you use your teeth to open bottle tops or eat cracker nuts, your teeth can wear out. Therefore, dental fillings will help save your teeth, and the dentist can also recommend dental bridges, veneers, or a tooth crown.

Dr. Marc Howard Roberts will first have to examine the extent of the tooth decay before recommending the most suitable tooth filling. This is because there are different types of fillings, and therefore a dental exam will be essential in choosing the best.

Nevertheless, it is essential to note that a tooth filling cannot help when you have a big cavity. When the cavity is too big, tooth extraction is the only solution.

What Steps Are Involved in Filling a Tooth?

Once the dentist has determined that a tooth filling will fix your dental issues, there are steps they will follow for a successful procedure.

First, the dentist will administer anesthesia to your gum. The anesthesia is essential in ensuring you don’t feel any pain during the procedure.

The dentist will then drill to extract any decayed matter from the affected tooth. Removing the decayed material is essential as the tooth filling will not adhere if the tooth’s surface is not clean. If a drill cannot remove the decayed part, the dentist can use an abrasion or laser instrument.

Next, your affected tooth is prepped to ensure the filling adheres well. The equipment that the dentist will use depends on their level of training.

After prepping your tooth, probing and testing are the next steps. Preparing is critical to ensure that all decayed matter has been removed from the tooth. Failure to remove the decayed material means that the bacteria will continue to erode the remaining healthy parts of your tooth.

Cleaning is also essential in the removal of all decayed matter. Food debris between your teeth is also removed through cleaning. The dentist will give you a bucket to spit on to ensure you do not swallow the bacteria after the cleaning, as it can infect your gut.

The dentist will use a liner to confirm if the decay has spread into your tooth’s root. Root canal therapy will be performed if your tooth’s root has been severely damaged.

Once the dentist is satisfied with the cleaning and prepping, the tooth filling is applied to the hole. The dentist might use a special UV light to ensure the filler dries up faster.

Finally, polishing ensures the tooth filling does not affect your bite and that its color matches well with the rest of the enamel.

What Types of Filling Materials Are Available

When you visit Roberts Family Dental in Decatur, the dentist will tell you that different types of filling materials are available. Your budget, preference, and the dentist’s recommendations will determine which filling material to use.

Silver Amalgam Fillings

Although called silver fillings, they are made of other materials like copper, tin, and zinc. Silver amalgam fillings are the most common. This is because they are durable and cheap. On the downside, they are not aesthetically pleasing.

Cast Gold Fillings

Fillings made of gold cast are very durable. In addition, they can last for up to 15 years with good care. However, they are expensive and require two dental visits.

Composite Fillings

These are fillings that are made of composite resin material. The good thing about them is that they match the color of your natural teeth.

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