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Do you have signs of TMJ disorder? Treatment for TMJ is available from Decatur dentists Dr. Marc Roberts and Dr. Khalil Cumberbatch. Read on to learn more about some of the signs and symptoms as well as side-effects of TMJ and learn about treatment options available in the Greater Atlanta area at Decatur’s Roberts Family Dental.

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TMJ Signs, Symptoms, and Side-Effects

Most people are aware that TMJ can cause jaw pain and clicking in the jaw as well as jaw locking and radiating pain in the cheeks, jaw, and ears. Did you know that TMJ pain can also radiate to your back and neck and there is often a connection between TMJ and headaches?

The jaw is put under a significant amount of stress on a daily basis. This is exacerbated in times of stress when the vast majority of people clench their teeth. TMJ sufferers tend to find their symptoms escalating in times of stress. A variety of treatment options in the area of neuromuscular dentistry could make a difference.

Decatur TMJ Treatment

TMJ treatment options depend on the individual. Mild to moderate symptoms can be helped with jaw exercises and anti-inflammatory medications. Teeth clenching often occurs at nighttime for TMJ sufferers so a night guard can make a big difference. Night guards are often customized to keep the jaw in a more optimal position while you sleep.

Additionally, other treatment options could be available, such as dental work to improve your jaw alignment as well as treatments that use a TENS device, Botox injections at the jaw, and other proven methods to treat TMJ.

If you suffer from TMJ symptoms, your first step in overcoming TMJ is to get a consultation. We would be happy to provide this to you.

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