Decatur, GA Dentists: We’ve Invested in Your Smile and Your Comfort with Awesome Dental Technology 

Dr. Roberts and Dr. Cumberbatch continually invest in technology and education to be able to bring you the best in dentistry.

Technology makes a huge difference in your experience at the dentist. At our Decatur dental office, the Roberts Family Dental team has access to some amazing tools that make your appointment more efficient, more comfortable, and that bring about fantastic results. We use tools that make your appointment more comfortable and that let us do all we can both proactively and reactively to help you have a smile that’s beautiful, healthy, and functional. Read on to learn about some the technology we use.

Dental Technology in Decatur, GA | Roberts Family Dental

The Wand

Something many people dislike about going to the dentist is a needle before a procedure. It’s no longer a necessity thanks to The Wand. The Wand offers pain-free injections. It’s localized, providing you with freezing only where you need it and without the need for daunting-looking needles.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

We offer several teeth whitening methods and Zoom is one of our most popular. In three 15-minute increments your teeth can be several shades whiter and these results aren’t seen with over-the-counter whitening toothpastes or as-seen-on-TV products. The Zoom system includes a gel and special light. This cutting-edge whitening system gets great results and done at your dentist’s office means you’re assured of safety, too.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays lower your wait time, improve accuracy and early diagnosis of dental issues, and they mean much less radiation exposure as well as a more eco-friendly environment as well as expedited communications when referrals are necessary.

Panorex Digital X-Rays

Not only are our x-rays digital but we also have panoramic x-rays, which offer a variety of benefits in diagnostics. This is an excellent planning tool for extensive dental restorations and smile makeovers. We use it with orthodontics, TMJ treatment, periodontal disease, and in detection of oral cancer.

E4D 3D Teeth Restoration Technology

E4D® Same Day Dentistry allows us to offer one day restorations that are customized. This involves a laser camera and on-site restorations. Instead of waiting for your x-rays to be sent to a lab for creation of crowns and other restorations, it can all be done with a few clicks with on-site milling equipment.


The DIAGNOdent is a cutting edge advanced laser tool that detects tooth decay. It can detect it much sooner than a visual examination or even an x-ray. This tool leverages completely safe laser pulses of light to provide results without touching the tooth. A signal and readout provides your Decatur dentist with information that can lead to more conservative dental fillings or other treatments or to a clean bill of oral health.

Experience the Roberts Family Dental Difference

Modern dental technology, comfortable dentistry, and a team that truly cares about your satisfaction is what Roberts Family Dental in Decatur, GA is all about. We offer family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, oral health screening, periodontal services, and more. Contact our dental office at (470) 205-2582 to book an appointment. We offer no-obligation consultations and would be happy to answer any of your dental health questions.

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