Neglecting Gum Disease Could Boost Stroke Risk

People in the Atlanta or Decatur area who are at risk for stroke should consider contacting our office for a gum assessment. Did you know that poor gum health could significantly raise your risk of stroke and other risk factors for premature death? Cancers, heart disease, ulcers, diabetes, and other conditions could all be in your future if you neglect gum disease. About 80% of the American population has some degree of gum disease. The earlier it’s dealt with, the better the chances of saving your smile and your health.

Dr. Roberts and his team offer gum assessments and, where necessary, tailored gum disease treatment and maintenance plans. In some cases, we refer patients to a Decatur periodontist but most people get their treatment right here in our modern and comfortable dental office.

Stroke in Decatur, GA | Roberts Family Dental

Knowing about risk factors and medical history can also help us tailor your oral care to your needs. We are taking on new patients in our Decatur dental office and in addition to periodontal disease treatment and prevention we also offer preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry procedures. Whether you want to improve or protect your smile, we would be happy to offer you a no obligation consultation.

Lower Your Risk of Gum Disease

Lowering your risk of gum disease can happen through good oral care and early intervention. Gingivitis can be treated so don’t neglect bleeding gums.

Unfortunately, the longer you leave gum disease untreated, the more risk you face. Genetics and lifestyle can play a big part in your risk factors for gum disease. Other conditions, such as diabetes and osteoporosis could also point to an increased risk of gum disease and therefore an elevated risk of stroke, heart attack, and other systemic links.

By living a healthy lifestyle and including oral care in that lifestyle you can protect your smile and ensure that you aren’t putting yourself at unnecessary risk of stroke. If you’ve had a recent conversation with your doctor about stroke risk, make sure you talk to your dentist as well.

Book a Gum Assessment in Decatur, GA

Has it been a while since you’ve seen a dentist? Do you have signs of gum disease or are you at elevated stroke risk? Stop periodontal disease from causing tooth loss and elevating risk of stroke, heart disease, and other systemic links by booking an assessment with us at (470) 205-2582.

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