Important Information About Oral and Gum Health During Pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, we already know there are a lot of changes to the body but we’re learning more and more about the importance of the oral health of the mother during pregnancy. At Decatur’s Roberts Family Dental, we highly encourage patients who are planning to become pregnant to do a pre-conception check-up that includes a gum assessment. Poor gum health during pregnancy can equate to pregnancy complications, including pre-term labor.

Your oral health is directly linked to your health and longevity and beyond keeping your teeth in good condition, proactive oral care before pregnancy as well as the right approach to oral problems during pregnancy can save you in a variety of ways. Having dental emergencies during pregnancy isn’t just inconvenient, it can cause stress. You want to safely treat your dental problems without putting your baby at risk. While there are many ways dentists can help pregnant patients safely, of course getting dental treatment prior to pregnancy is ideal.

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Pregnancy and Periodontal Disease

If you are already pregnant, don’t neglect oral health problems. In most cases, they should not wait until after baby is born. Any symptoms of problems with the teeth or gums should result in a call to your dental office. Notify your dental office of your pregnancy and where urgent treatment is required, your dentist will take extra efforts to offer safer options for pregnant women.

Bleeding Gums During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy gingivitis often happens due to hormone changes and is a common second trimester problem. A thorough dental cleaning can be extremely helpful and can help you lower the chances of this problem having a negative impact on your growing baby. Loose teeth, tooth aches, and other problems can often be addressed safely, as well.

Gum disease risks are expansive but become elevated during pregnancy because it equates to an ongoing infection in the body. That infection could put both you and your growing baby at risk

Choose Roberts Family Dental to Manage Oral Health During Pregnancy

Dr. Marc Roberts, Dr. Khalil Cumberbatch, and their team at Decatur’s Roberts Family Dental treat patients of all ages. We can help you before conception, with many dental emergencies during pregnancy, and we would be happy to care for your little one(s) when their teeth begin erupting, too. We are known for gentle dentistry, a consultative approach, and a variety of dental services for families who want a comfortable dental office with skilled dentists leveraging the latest in dental technology.

Don’t let periodontal disease harm your oral health, your overall health, or put your pregnancy in jeopardy. Book a gum disease consultation or a pregnancy gingivitis cleaning by calling us at (470) 205-2582.

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