Untreated Gum Disease Puts Heart Health at Risk

What can you do to take good care of your heart? A healthy lifestyle makes a big difference. Part of that healthy lifestyle needs to be oral health. Did you know that neglecting bleeding gums or other signs of poor oral health could put your heart at risk? There’s a strong connection between periodontal disease and heart disease. Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, could put more than your smile at risk.

If you’ve had a recent heart scare or been told that you need to make lifestyle changes due to cardiovascular risk or if you’ve seen signs of gum disease, make a dental appointment with our dental office in Decatur and we can help.

Heart Disease in Decatur, GA | Roberts Family Dental

Doctors Cumberbatch and Roberts of Roberts Family Dental in Decatur, GA can screen for periodontal disease. If there are signs of gum disease, we can treat you. Periodontal treatment options as well as maintenance programs are available. We’re taking on new patients and have served the Greater Atlanta area since 1999 with general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry in addition to periodontal treatment and maintenance programs.

How Gum Health Can Harm the Heart

Untreated periodontal disease means an ongoing infection in the mouth. That infection gets absorbed into your bloodstream. Inflammation could be to blame for the connection between periodontal disease and heart disease. By neglecting signs of gum disease, you’re essentially allowing an infection to fester and this puts stress on your immune system and on your organs, including your heart.

Dr. Roberts and Dr. Cumberbatch: Stopping Gum Disease in Decatur, GA

If you care for your oral health, you’ll have a healthy, beautiful, and functional smile that can last a lifetime. If you’ve already suffered some oral health setbacks, maintenance and ongoing oral hygiene can help you ensure that you don’t put your body under unnecessary risk associated with an active oral infection. In addition to your heart’s health, gum disease has links to diabetes, to stroke, links to cancer, and a long list of other health risks. Contact us for an assessment. If you need gum disease treatment, we can help. In some cases, advanced periodontitis may be referred to a local Decatur periodontist.

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