Dentures and Partial Dentures: Decatur, GA Dentists at Roberts Family Dental Help You Proactively Take Care of Your Smile 

If you need to replace one or more missing teeth, dentures and partial dentures are something you should explore. Not only will you have a more functional smile but you’ll be more confident in your smile, too.

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Replace Missing Teeth

Beyond functionality and aesthetics, it’s also important to replace missing teeth because of the impact on your jaw bone (which can begin to deteriorate quickly) as well as neighboring teeth (which will begin to shift due to the gap in your mouth). Dentures and partial dentures as well as alternatives are available at Roberts Family Dental in Decatur, GA. Today’s dentures and partial dentures look better than ever. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how good they look, especially when compared to missing or severely damaged and decayed teeth. Furthermore, they’ll allow you the confidence to smile as well as resume normal chewing activity.

Whether you need one or a few teeth replaced or are interested in an entire arch, Roberts Family Dental can help. In addition to dentures and partial dentures, we offer fixed bridges and dental implants. We would be happy to offer you a no-obligation consultation to help you explore all your options for smile restoration.

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Find out about your options for dentures or partial dentures by booking a consultation with Roberts Family Dental in Decatur, GA. We’ve served the Greater Atlanta area since the late 1990’s and would be happy to present you with some options for smile restoration. We offer a plethora of oral care services, including: general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, treatment for sleep apnea with oral appliances, periodontal screening and gum disease treatment and maintenance programs, and more. Call the office of Dr. Roberts and Dr. Cumberbatch for an appointment and see for yourself why we get such positive Decatur dental reviews.

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